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ID Pro Quo taken from the Latin phrase Quid Pro Quo looks at the value we put on our privacy in today’s society.  Many of us share our private lives via social media on a daily basis.  We are constantly asked whilst online whether we accept things like cookies and whether we give consent to our location and activity being tracked in return for the services those websites provide.  We have even been asked recently to download an app in order that we might have restrictions eased during the COVID-19 crisis.  In this artwork Liam Herne asks how much do you value your privacy and personal information and would you share some of it in return for Art?


Between the 2nd-16th July 2020 Herne in conjunction with Nextdoor ARI asked people to fill in an online form which asked a number of different questions such as what is your favourite colour? What did you have for dinner last night and what did you last buy online?


In return for filling out the form participants were sent a limited edition artwork in the post or by email.  This webpage is the documentation of some of the information that was collected.


The artist would like to thank all of the participants who took part in the project.  He would also like to give a big thank you to everyone at Nextdoor ARI for their time and effort they put in to producing, promoting and helping realise this concept.

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